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Ave Verum Corpus – Virtual Performance

In May 2020 the choir embarked on a virtual recording project of Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus during the Covid-19 lockdown. So how did it work? There were three main steps:
  • We each individually rehearsed our chosen piece of music, Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart)
  • Once performance-ready, we each made a video recording of us individually singing our part
  • The individual videos were combined to create a virtual performance, which is shared back here for us all to enjoy
Despite a steep technical learning curve we had 20 members of the choir participate in creating the final result, with a few people even recording multiple voice parts! We hosted a virtual launch party on Tuesday May 26 where much of the choir got together on a video conference to watch result and discuss, which was great fun all around. You can view the resulting recording below, please enjoy.